ence to God as we worship him in the congregation of the righteous.
As the early church met, from house to house and from week, to week, they were strengthening each other in the Holy Ghost, and in the Word of God.   In this way one can learn what pleases God and to eschew evil.  In church we learn not to be easily deceived by    satan's devices becoming involved in seemingly harmless things that are defiling and ungodly.

Harry Potter is said by reliable sources to have drawn more young people into witchcraft than all of wicca's previous efforts.( -Dr. James Dobson) Did you or your children enjoy these books or movies?  Don't know what wicca is?  You should have been in church. The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ will set your mess to flight.

Wicca is an admitted church of satan and witchcraft.  Scripture was very careful in warning God's people about witches and witchcraft.  God offered to destroy Balaam if he cursed God's people.  Also the people were told not to allow a witch to live.