From Darkness into Light!

A friend called me last month and asked me for a sum of money that I owed to her.  I immediately thought to make excuses because all I had at the time was set aside for something very important, but I couldn't do that without a great deal of guilt.  For this reason, I asked my niece and my niece's friend to take me to the bank to get some money out.  I went to her house immediately knowing that the Lord would make up the difference in the money I needed.

When I got there we sat down and talked and I heard the sounds of a baby in the other room.  I asked her if there was a baby in her house. She said yes and pointed to the other room.  I ran in to see a most precious little boy whom I swooped into my arms and ran to the mirror asking him, "Who is that".  To my dismay, he did not look at me or the mirror.
I thought that was a little funny, but came back to the den to sit down with the baby.  I talked to him, but he never looked at me, my niece, my niece's friend, or my friend.  She said he never does.  He's blind.  I was in horror and despair.  He was such a beautiful and precious baby, but even when I put my finger close to his eye, he never blinked.

She said she had mentioned it to the mother already and they were going to take him to the doctor but did not want to believe it.  They knew something was wrong.  He was only 3 months old.  My heart was moved with so much compassion for this little baby.  I wanted to baby-sit