him sometimes myself and play with him, but if he was blind, I didn't think I could give him proper care.

They took him to the doctor, and it was confirmed that he was indeed blind.  Such sad news.  In the mean time My niece spend a little time with the baby at My friend's house . On one of those occasions she brought him back home.  I had been praying that the Lord would heal the baby, and let him see.  As the day wore on, we played with Bryson.  He seemed to pay more and more attention to what we did, when before he never did.  When Queenie came in a purple  T shirt, he turned his head to follow where she went in the shirt.  We were amazed.  Then he insisted on being with Queenie.  When she gave him back, he continued to desire and follow the purple shirt with his eyes. 
He could see!

My niece took the baby back to my friend's house and played with him a little longer.  They noticed his different behavior as she was trying to demonstrate the change.  Then she told my friend's daughter to get up and walk around, and Bryson followed her with his eyes and head.  They screamed loudly,
HE CAN SEE!  Did the pastor pray for him?  She said yes.

My friend immediately called the baby's mother and said he could see.  She replied, he's blind.  My friend said no, the pastor prayed for him and he can see.  His mother screamed ;"What!"

God is such a great compassionate God, not only can once blind, Bryson see now, but we also can see how much He cares for us.  He brought him from darkness to light.  The doctors don't know what to think.