By His Stripes We are Healed

Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.
1Peter 2:24   

Even though this picture does not depict the real suffering that Jesus Christ went through on that faithful day, it does give us a visual recollection  of the brutality that our Savoir suffered willingly for our benefit.  The scripture says that  He was disfigured more than any man.  After the rebuke, the ridicule, the great opposition and rejection as a prelude to death, he was beaten to the door of death by heartless men, for whom he would later say; "Father forgive them"  in plane English; they don't know what they are doing.
It was with a heart  of compassion and love that Jesus Christ went to the  cross that is celebrated by Christians on Easter. It is this suffering that also breaks the hearts of many Christians because of our sins.  For us he suffered and died that we can be presented before  a Holy God whose holiness is sovereign.  It was to drape our sins in His blood that no more we would have to suffer for our failures before a righteous God.
Today, we rejoice and celebrate the selflessness of Jesus Christ who suffered and died for our joy, peace, safety and healing.

Who Kills Cancer?

In 1996 the Lord came to me one day as I lay on my face. I felt his presence come over me in the most unusual position of sleep for me. My face was completely immersed in the pillow. I heard the Lord say:" If you don't want to, I'm ready to take you home." I jumped up shocked and wondering, "don't want to what?"
I certainly prayed in earnest about this at which time I was given as the Lord called it, "a reprieve". The Lord then began to give me several assignments, one of which was this newsletter. He also commanded me to touch and pray for the people in the church that I attended as well as other projects.
After this time I began to feel death in the house from time to time. This all lead up to a time that I felt the shadow of death spread over me as I was sleeping. I was awakened suddenly and frightened, I woke my husband and asked him to pray. Later I asked the Lord, "…why so many spirits of death in the house? I felt bewildered because I was struggling to do His will. He replied "Because of the condition of your body". He did not disclose the condition, but later when I was very sick, He said He would help me. I was hospitalized with a threat of a short time to live because of a scare called lymphoma, i.e.: CANCER! I had no idea that this was what the Lord was talking about though I suffered through much pain