What is literal in the Bible is literal, what is figurative is figurative.  It must be rightly divided as is commanded in the word of God.  For truer understanding, one must be full of the spirit of God himself.  This is possible.  Every Christian must line up to the plum line so plainly expressed in the Bible.  It is just when sin is rampant and tolerated that it causes people to fear, (as the Bible foretold) that America, once a Christian nation is losing its way.  This is the reason for the outcry against what would be considered rank sin in the past and now is being shoved down the throats of God fearing Christians.   Not just homosexuality, but free sexuality, illegitimacy, drunkenness and so much more of the things that God will never approve of. 

Will the Rock fall on America for it's froward ways.  Can those innocent of ignoring the plan and will of God make it out of the way of the coming disasters  (such as 9/11) that shall come on all wicked people that forget God, or will we all fall together as in Sodom and Gomorrah.