A Winding Road

Jeremiah 29:13  And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

From the beginning of creation the LORD's heart  has knelt down to seek the heart of mankind.   There is saying that says, all roads lead home, however as Cain discovered in the beginning, all roads that we plan, or initiate, do not lead to the ancient God of Israel. 

As the road unravels, man was placed in a garden to share intimacy with the  LORD.  This intimacy was broken with the temptation of Eve and the fall of man from God unmerited favor when tempted by their adversary.  When the LORD God came to meet them in the cool of the evening he found that the intimacy and trust between He and the was broken. 

So tragic was this break that in grief of mind, the LORD destroyed the lives of plant and animals to drive this betrayal from the earth and mankind.  The flood came and washed them all away.

Scriptures tells us that salvation was of the Jews, and indeed now salvation has come through the seed of Abraham, the friend of God

  It is only the road that God planned that will eventually lead to His throne in joy.

Before we have spoken of the many classes of thought that came into play historically after the Church  was originally established.  The Apostle Peter, first brought in the plan of salvation that was given to them by the savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

But the road to God is a road that has been one winding through out time and scripture.  It has come as one given by God alone.  He has sown into His word the path that leads to Himself in truth and satisfaction.  The only one that leads to eternal reward.

In beginning in his word was sown the most beautiful garden or place of living on the earth.  Though his voice came walking in the cool of the evening to speak to, first Adam, then Adam and Eve.  They were not satisfied and fell to the temptation of the devil.