Holy Days - Holidays

In the holiday season, many find the excitement of times of celebration.  Special times in November and December have a way of finishing the year with a bang, as well as bringing in the new one with the same excitement.  Celebration and good times are always welcome, but there is an  understanding of these good-times that is also essential.
As in the United States, a form of thanksgiving is celebrated all around the world. As men feel it important in their hearts to show gratitude for things they receive, or as established by the LORD, these days are celebrated.
August Moon is a time of showing gratitude to friends and family for past year of deeds and  situations.  Chinese people celebrate by giving what is called "moon cakes"  as gifts to each other to show thanks to friends and neighbors.  This is also as time of worshipping the light of the moon. We note that light as a symbol also brings on a pleasant desire for thankfulness.  In Korea there is s similar holiday with ancestor worship, as is so in Africa. .  This is also as time of worshipping the light of the moon.  We have and eternal light as well.  Yet he is one who light will never go out.  Surely we can worship and give thanksgiving to Him.  Other places it is a time to show appreciation to near of kin.  Though we should appreciate the sacrifices of those who have gone before us, the only ancestor that we worship is Jesus Christ.  What He has done for us is much greater than any man can match.    For when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  Daily He loaded us with benefits, and the mercy of God is new every morning.
  However American's have always had an interest in the one true God.  Therefore when their time of thanks giving came in the beginnings of this nation it was ,  The Indians already worshipped a god, or the great spirit to whom  they gave thanks for provisions. Therefore it would not be strange to them to give thanks to God for the blessings that had been received.  At the time of the original thanksgiving, it was Almighty God that was receiving the thanks.  As well should been.  The pilgrims were already Christian before they came to America.  They were taught reading by studying the verses of the bible.  Though originally Pilgrims celebrate and gave thanks to God with day or praying, the first Thanksgiving which is celebrated by our nations was the one of giving thanks to God for their first good harvest.  The Indians were most likely included in the first