Does our Christianity change us, or  are we so embedded in the world  that we neglected to come out of its  ways.  Does our Christianity affect us  to the point that our inner man is  strengthened to resist the ills of this day?

  Does our relationship with the Almighty transform us enough that it changes the way we walk, talk, dress, and act?  Does it have an effect on the kind of company we keep?  Are our thoughts affected and purified by our relationship, or are we just acting as if Jesus Christ is our God?

Many a man from foreign lands would come to this country seeking a green card to work in the US have adhered to this scheme.  Just marry an American woman, and divorce her when you are done. 

They exemplify little respect for our ladies.  I'm afraid that American women are considered little more than whores and prostitutes by definition.  Even many young men call our young ladies "hoes"!
It seems that America has become of land of little more than whores and whoremongers.

   One of another religious persuasion told one of our ladies that she would be considered a prostitute in their culture because she did not cover her face.     The covering of the face is a cultural diversity that is of little importance, especially when this young lady was completely covered modestly.  In one way I would say these men of that culture have a great problem taming their thoughts, as to what they