Do you like yourself?

It is understood that many people always wish they were or looked like something other they do.  From adolescents and teenagers who are mirror-mongers, to the mid-life crises era where the middle aged look back and wish for better accomplishments.  We have all wished to be different at one time or another.  Jesus said with him, all things are possible.  Of course, he will not change your skin from black to crème or white to brown, or valueless hopes such as these, but as we began life as a product of our genes and environment, we can have hope for our vices.  We even have hope for satisfying accomplishments in our lives.

A famed miracle evangelist, Lee Stoneking said, "we are what we are, because that is what we want to be.  But, we don't have to be, we can do all things through Christ Jesus. "

With the Holy Ghost living inside of us, we become a new creature II Corinthians 5:17.  All we have to do is fervently seek his help The bible says we are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.    If we seek the LORD In righteousness, he will not refuse us. 

Scripture tells us that we should honor the great things that the LORD is, as well as has done.  We must not fail to put more honor and dedication to the things of the LORD and hold the flesh in submission to His spirit.  We must also leave no place for the devil in our lives.  The enemies of God are, fleshly living and satan.  They are also our enemies, and they will keep our very soul from the successful trip to heaven.

When we are not doing what the Lord wants us to do; we are acting like a Judas who sold Jesus to the hands of the Pharisees for thirty pieces of silver
Matthew 26:15; Matthew 27:3) or an Esau who sold his birthright of the things of God, for a bowl of soup.   Genesis 25: 31-32)

We can't always give ourselves to the flesh and expect to be right with God.
There is only one God, and one to appeal to when we need mercy.  We can't expect mercy if we ignore the one who cleansed us from our sins and go our own way.  We are bought with a price, the scripture says, and we are not our own.  Jesus Christ purchased us on the slave market of sin, and broke the curse of sin that held us there.  We are free now, to serve the