Blessed are Friends

There were friends once in a lopsided relationship.  One was always giving more to the other.  The one had managed to keep up with so well for the other and received all kinds of compliments on their faithful service as a friend as they ministered to their needs. The person on the receiving end went on and on. But once and only once, because of circumstances unknown to the receiver, their friend did not get in touch with them as soon as they thought their friend should. After this, the one on the receiving end did not answer the phone when called, or return any calls. 
In short they never spoke to their friend again which ended their relationship. They did not take the time to remember that they had had given very little to the relationship, and had never been asked anything of their friend or acquaintance before, yet that friend was always willing to give time, and God answered prayers, and understanding.  Yet when time came for them to understand, they were offended and offered nothing.
How quick are we sometimes to hold something against some else, that we would not hold against ourselves?

scripture says
, why judge ye old man when the thing you judge, you habitually do. A good meaning for this is we judge others according to our personal attitudes, meeting out the way we feel in our heart toward others. We do not seek to understand, or appreciate that person for who they are very long.  When something goes wrong we use our distorted vision to judge their mistake. Scripture says that we can easily see and try to remove the splinter from our brother's eye, yet giving no regard to the plank in our own.

Yet if we will take a look at our own ways, and not our own wants we will have more lasting relationships to enjoy. We must somehow stop being so self-concerned that we cannot maintain and care for relationships with friends and acquaintances without holding grudges.  As the song says, they have problems too.  They have to maintain also the 50% dealings that have to do with their own lives, and well as our desires. "But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at naught thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ." Rom 14:10 

  One who would have friends must first show themselves friendly. We must be the true friend first before we can expect to realize that our friends are true. There are many out there that would be a true friend if we would allow it. Our lives will be more filled with joy and laughter, support and advantage if we would stop judging others and judge ourselves.  We must learn to forgive the fact that others we encounter are also as we are a product of their environment and like us, are not perfect.  We must seek to learn to have a completely forgiving spirit.

Remember we will have much trouble in our lives if we do not learn to forgive.  The King (The LORD) Himself will order us to be punished for our lack of true love.  Jesus has shown true love toward us in forgiving us for our sins, even unto his very death on the cross.  How can we, as sinful mankind be less forgiving with each other, since we fail too?   If we are suspicious of the actions of others and often angered and offended, we must realize that these feelings spring out of seeds planted in our own lives.  They must be uprooted so that we can see clearly.  By this same token, happiness and satisfaction must be rooted already in our lives before we can truly expect more of the same in our relationships. 

If we do a reality check, will we find that we are giving "50/50", or one for one? That is, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. What percentage do we expect from others, and what percentage do we give.  Do we wait until a person meets our approval of