spots and trials that we go through do not always meet with our approval, or our understanding.  It is then that we must make a declaration that we will not continue to hold anger against the Lord for the way He is living His life through His servant-slave as well as His friend.  When we accept that we are displeased with God and His plan, we are just being honest with He who already knows it.  We must say to Him, indeed, I was angry with you Lord, and I am sorry for my attitude against your sovereignty and holiness.  I will not continue to hold anger against you for your plan for my life, and this by the power that is in your name; Jesus Christ.  We will find that if we will do this, we will not longer feel the negative feelings of anger and sadness that are brought on by life circumstances beyond our control.

We must also do the same for offenses with humankind.  "Tell it like it is" and then say "but I forgive" . In some cases, we must not believe
all that people, parents, siblings, and friends say about us.  We must not base our lives on living up to the plans of another per-se, we must live up to the plans of Almighty God.  When we disagree with the offender in reality, we do not succumb to "always being a failure" and other death sentences that are placed upon us.  We must recognize the offense, the offender, and if need be, disagree with the offender to heal and free ourselves through forgiving. The hardest of things that we have been through will vanish when we forgive.

  Though often we do not want to admit that we have something to do with bad things that happen, we must; to get over them.  When we do, we forgive our self in the same way, we feel the torment of the offense disappear. Once our heart is cleansed of these offenses that make us look down, we will bear fruit before the Lord