can cover a multitude of sins, speak a word in due season, heal the sick, raise the dead if we have a loving heart at the Lord does.

Jesus gave His all in His blood sacrifice on Calvary's cross.  This sacrifice is imputed to us in baptism, which the bible says; saves us.  The Holy Ghost we receive for comfort and guidance and the name of the Lord is a covering against the wiles of Satan, and the wrath of God, just to name a few.  What will
we give in love? 

We must give our ministry as well as, our faithfulness, our care and ourselves for the people of God and those becoming God's people.  Our experience with Jesus does not revolve around acceptance of men, but upon relationship in love with the Heavenly Father.  Our ministry begins here, even before we heard His call.  We experience His love.  Our ministry begins here.

Genesis 1:1 says:

"In the beginning God created…   He is first in creation.  The call of God on any woman's life is a creation of God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and earth  the universe and everything that is in them.. 

The Lord Himself is the author of the "call of God" and is the definer.  The scripture says,
"no man takes this honour upon himself".    This also includes "no woman".

He will make known His call to you as a personal matter.  When the Jesus called the Apostle Paul, a great light shone around him and his men. The Lord's voice from heaven gave him instructions.  It was an honor that Jesus was giving to him though he would suffer for it.

The Lord God has no trouble speaking for Himself.  You will hear His desire for your life with your spiritual ears.  He will make known His call to you personally.  It is a personal matter between you and God.  It is a passionate matter to be covenanted with in the Spirit.  Your call is a precious gift from God, and it is very dear to Him.  It should be to you too.

It is a press; it is with effort that we fulfill this