You Shall Have
no Other God
before Me. . .
By Laurence Hicks

Have you owned something, and was so consumed by it, that it started taking up the time you had reserved for other things? Ever had a pair of shoes that you clean everyday? Can't go through life without a TV? These things may be idols in your life, and be careful, because they can and will lead you straight to a burning hell! Many people believe that if you follow the Ten Commandments, you go to Heaven. Yet those same people usually aren't clear what those commandments are. The very first one says, "You shall have no other gods before me." (Exodus 20:2) Things that you put before God and his works are idols, and the worship of them is called IDOLATRY. God ranks idolatry right up
there with witchcraft and rebellion. That's right-WITCHCRAFT. Meaning if you've reached a point in your life where there's something being put before God, then you are just as bad as a witch! And Exodus 22:18 says "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". I know you might say "I don't get on my knees and worship this or that, so it's not idolatry."
Idolatry can be in your mind too, brother so don't delude yourself. Just like you can commit murder by talking about someone, or adultery by lusting after someone, you can commit idolatry by simply allowing worldly things to take place of Godly things. Watch TV more than you pray? Idolater [and rebellious]. Listen to Usher and R. Kelly more than the pastor? Idolater. Read Vibe magazine more than the Bible? Sorry but that's IDOLATRY! Play those PS games more than you pray. Idolater! And like I said before, it's a one way ticket to hell.
Also don't think only material objects can be idols, nope,
people in your life can be idols too. Got a new girlfriend or boyfriend and suddenly have NO TIME for God? Bad idea, don't let that fine young diva or that handsome gentleman be the reason you have no prayer life. So, you might ask, how do I stop being an idolater? Well it's actually quite simple. See idolatry, as well as other sins such as envy, hatred, and murder, are works of the flesh, which can easily be fought with the fruit of the spirit, such as love, joy, peace, and SELF-CONTROL. Also, praying in the Holy Ghost, paired with a steady reading of the Bible is guaranteed to help you overcome ANY obstacle the devil can throw at you�get the witch out of your life for Jesus!