Girl Talk!! By Dahnaelle Crofton
When I was growing up, I was raised with three brothers (I know, I know and yes I am still sane.) On top of all of that I am the youngest.  Being around this boyish environment all the time, forced me to be a tomboy. I wasn't homosexual or anything I was just a tomboy. I found it better to run in ditches after church with the boys wearing my beautiful church dresses and gorgeous socks in spite my aunt's and mother's desperate cries for me to SIT DOWN!! Well I then grew older and turned into a "young lady". You know, wearing pretty clothes, high heels and making a few heads turn; but in spite of all the pink I wear I still found it easy to run with the boys and fight just like the boys instead of having a meek and humble spirit.
  Proverbs 31:26 says when she speaks, her words are wise, and kindness is the rule when she gives instructions. What that simply is saying is (and I am talking to myself too.) when you want something done it doesn't mean yell, scream, bite, kick and roll around on the floor, just simply ask. This chapter of the Bible is really talking about married women, but if we apply some of the guidelines to ourselves we can be seen as a wife and NO "MY BABY MAMA".

Men are visual creatures, yes, but they also long for something sweet that they can also respect, too. I myself am a very strong willed female: I know how I want this to look and which way I want to go and sometimes it's hard to listen to any kind of authority, let alone a male who is around the same age as I am. I am not really talking about being submissive, because that is a horse of a different color; I am simply talking about being a women; then on top of that Christian women.  Jesus doesn't want to see His ladies running, screaming, flipping, fighting and acting just like a male.   He made male and female, so show him the difference. You know the saying "sugar, spice, and everything nice". True; sugar is sweet, but spice has a flare and everything nice balances it out.
not saying you can't play certain sports if you're an athletic woman, but there's a time and place for everything. Just be lady like, sit pretty. Be meek and humble all the rest falls into place (with Gods help of course.)