A Friend… By Queenie Charles

  If  someone were to ask you what they consider a friend to be, one may remark someone who you can chill with, go places together, who will be real with you at all times; you don't expect certain information you share with them to spread all the way down the street to the neighbors. In other words you don't expect to hear what you told them coming back to you from someone else.
A friend is definitely great to have to share your secrets, your joy, sadness, or disappointments. No one claims a friend with the mind set that he will betray them some day; but knowing through thick and thin that this person will be their friend regardless of the situation. Unfortunately some friends do betray their friendship or do things that jeopardize the relationship. In some cases, it is permanently dissolved, never to be mended again, or the friendship is not the same…for whatever reasons.
Our friends are human beings, just like us; when we think about that, then we have to admit to ourselves that we are not perfect and definitely not our friends.
there is one who will be a friend; who will stick to closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24). His ways are flawless; He will never tell you anything that will hurt you. He will never run you down, if anything, He will encourage and insist that you trust Him because we will become more than conquerors and victorious through him ( Romans 8:37)  and you can do all things through His strength. (Philippians 4:13)
You know what's even better, when you have the Holy Ghost dwelling in you, whenever you are sad or distressed, you can start talking to the Lord; you don't have to pick up your cell phone and dial Jesus, you can just call on His name! After you tell Him about what is bothering you; you can ask for peace and joy, and the amazing thing is that He will grant it to you!
One has to think about it, He knew you from the beginning even to now; He knows us better than we do ourselves; even though we are full of flaws, He is willingly to be a real friend to us, He is willingly to be with us in the good and bad times. He never leaves, it is men and women that leave Him; but He is the best Friend that anyone can ever have.