we can do nothing but stink. But what about His attitude, what happens when God gets an attitude? Umm just ask Sodom and Gomorra, ask Jonah about the angering sea, or all of those fallen angels and "the dumbest fool in all creativity". How about those crazy people that thought Noah was the crazy one for building a boat? How about now when God gets an attitude with those who refuse to recognize him? Ask those 83,000 that was involved in that earthquake in Islamabad or the ones in Indonesia and the Philippines about that tsunami and you can ask the Gulf Coast Region about those hurricanes, I was there. These are examples of many that have seen or didn't live to tell about the time when God caught an attitude.
Bringing your trash around God will get you tossed in God's incinerator. Do you still have that Stanky li'l attitude now? If you're mad now, I know exactly where you can find the person that made you that way. Yep, I know exactly where he hides. It's in your bathroom. Na Look!!!  Right there! Above the sink, he's in the mirror! There! Quick catch him before he runs to the next thing that shows your reflection.

~Word to the wise~
A Prophet once said "You think you big enough to fight God?"