Being A Conqueror

          Everyone has dreamed of being a conqueror.  Perhaps not a conqueror of the world, or a foreign kingdom, but one might have dreamed of conquering other subjects within our vision.  Some have dreamed conquering goals or the quest for money has been their dream, others to conquer the world of stardom.  Still others have had a desire to conquer a lover or just an Algebra class.

          In the kingdom of God, there are great conquest to unfold before the aspiring  Christian.  You have heard it said, "the mind is a terrible thing to waste", but the mind itself is a terrible thing if it is not conquered.  The bible says, "the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked".  The heart it is speaking of is the mind.
           The mind is a dangerous FOE, for once it conjures up a desire within itself to do a certain thing, even though it may be wrong, it is the natural reaction of one's heart to try to reason-away the inequity of the situation from the conscious mind.  It is it's own wickedness that the heart will seek to hide from itself, in order to pursue its own pleasure.
          Now Saul, having known the wrath of God upon His people for disobedience,  disobeyed the word of God to him, not once, but twice. .   He had heard the stories of disobedience Israelites all of his life.  He knew how they spent forty years in the wilderness for their lack of obedience and unbelief.  Still he did not consider God over his own judgments.  He found himself utterly rejected by God.

          The Bible says how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation which was first delivered to the saints.   The angels who left their first estate were rejected for eternity.  Knowing the terror of the Lord, the Apostle