heaven when they die.
'm trying my best to let all the people know,
I'm trying to reassure them where they're gonna go ,

When they Pass away, cause we all are, we just don't know when,
It will be too late to think of what might have been
If you would have gone to church, and got everything right
You should have thought about praying both-day and at night.

But I'm not quite finished, I have a few more rhymes,
Please-get your life straight, we're running out of time.
Cause when Jesus comes back. and you're left here,
the Earth will be a disaster; and you'll have tribulation to fear.

Please heed my advice, remember what I have said
Don't choose destruction, Choose life instead.
The Lord died for our souls-way back on Calvary,
And because of that one-mighty act all can be set free.

Looking back over my few years of Life ,
I see that I haven't been praying when I go to sleep at night.
Or when I wake up I don't think about the fact,
That I could be already dead if God didn't get my life on track.

And I never really say, "Thanks for forgiving me, "
I never really see how bad my life could be.
I think about the people getting shot up in the hood;
Maybe if they got the Holy Ghost, their life    might be like it should.

People think religion is a joke. one day I'll ask them why,
They'd rather go to hell, than to