Text Box: As evening arrives in the softness of the day
A cool breeze blows across my mind
Inside I can see the tropical trees
And beaches
And hear the whisper of your name
I wish you were here

I wish I had told you before
Would it matter, such a refreshing time
Comes to mind when I think
Maybe I could be sitting
in this dream with  you
maybe if I had told you

Whats the risk to my existence
And the wound to my feeling
As the winds blow across my mind
My thoughts feel the breeze of
The artistic passion that is your mind
I wish I could experience you

The hidden mysteries of your thought
The beauty that goes far beyond the outside
And nestles with the unexplored regions
Of your mind
How Id like to explore them
If I had told you

As the waves roll in, my mind muses on
How calm your answers
and safe your thoughts
And every one true, nothing fake
Within those recesses I could be
Maybe, if only Id told you.

I feel ashamed and silly
As I watch you walk by
Seeing what so many think is just a face
My heart sees so much more
I wish I had told you