Text Box: Ode to the Way I feel

I see you yet I donít feel you
I'm trying to touch you again
Yet youíre not here
What was warm now cold
I canít make sense of it
Your kindness now already I miss

Iím smiling now, Shaking hands
 giving a hug
Thank you thank you for coming
I donít feel anything
But I want off this ďtrainĒ

So many flowers
These could never replace you!
Beautiful yet Iíd throw them all awayÖ.
Oh..thank you so much (smile)

Iím riding now wonder where you are.
I felt you last night ..a strange relief
They say it isnít reallyÖ
It is!
Such a long line behind us
Thank God they remember too.

What an eloquent speech
The performance could merit a prize
..wish heíd sit down
Man those guns are so loud
do we have to leave you here?

Iím not cooking, Iím not eating
I think I rather be locked away
Just where ever you are
Hope itís true, one day Iíll see you Ö.again.