Text Box: In Honor of Valentine’s Day
Love’s Aroma

Love’s aroma runs deeper
Than tongue can be formed to tell.
No alphabet now framed equals to the task.
Through chapters we’ve come
The course of rivers  flame.
like hell beneath storm’s fury
still quenched by love’s brave.
Against he who sought to destroy
Love unmovable gazes parting gehenna’s*  rage.
Faith to faith spans oceans of dark waves,
Love yet unbroken.
growing in the heart from creation
A love still evergreen filled
O2 , wind blown strengthened thriving
Reaching up to sun light stratosphere.
Like a rose that represents our bond
Is the love inside held fast.
For you and no-one else.         
Intensifying in triumph the pinnacle of our dreams
second only to the LORD’s in wealth
This is the our true Love