Text Box: When I donít forgive,
I go to war, and forget
to have mercy.
On those God loves

When I donít forgive I search
for the power of rights
and in a sea of despair
I care for only my own

When I donít forgive
I become a recluse
as two lonely eyes
 looking from beneath a black blanket

I am encircled by concern for myself,
 I loose the ability to love
 and the sufferings of others
no longer tug at my heart.

I become paranoid
Remembering everyoneís crimes
even my loves have done me wrong
and I cannot trust

My loved ones are enamored
with my I Uzi fires automatic strokes
cutting deep in
the hearts of my spouse my family, my own,
while my enemy seldom is troubled.

The compassion of God no longer flow
I cannot love
and I loose the gifts of God
for myself as well

When I donít forgive
I builds a wedge in me
separating me from the love
of  the things of holiness

As I float in this pit
I loose life in the presence of  God
 and am filled with confusion
and the thoughts of the enemy

I hold on to and wonít release
I stand against many things
Indiscriminate undertones of sourness of spirit
are in my heart and I canít agree

When I donít forgive
I loose touch with the heart of God
and in anger, bitterness and sin
I am separated from Him