Text Box: A New Life

Like a babyís first breath	
You came into my life
This house in which Iím living
You filled it with your light

Iíve found youíve been a friend 
Through think and through very thin
I know itís such an old phrase but
You gave  me peace within.

This old house us getting older
And oh so very worn
But you still give it freshness
Like the first day I was born

Because, born in you LORD I am 
And reborn, again and again
Each time I meet your prayerful  embrace
Lord, I am born again and again.

Itís just natural to sing
Cause you made my life a song
Iím not hanging my harp on the willow tree
Because I know Iíll live on and on

And to everyone Iíll proclaim
This joy overflowing in me
Itís the high you canít buy
Even if you would try
His  new life pure and clean