Text Box: Blessing, Blessing, Blessing

Am  I the Christian   in search of advantage
As those who sought the fish and loaves of bread
Who loves Jesus  when only things are good
O for the Blessing, blessing, blessing

Or do I love him when the storm is raging
The wind blowing and the rain falling on my face
When family and friends reject and ostracize me
Where is Blessing, blessing,  blessing

Can I say, as  you did Jesus
forgive them, they just donít know
In this truth I am accepted and 
 know  the Blessing, blessing,  blessing

Only to discover that I just donít know
and need the same touch of healing
with forgiveness the relief of your
Blessing, blessing,  blessing

And through this find that the storm while raging
The wind while blowing and rain while falling
THAT the peace of amending relationship with you is
 the only true blessing, blessing, blessing