Text Box: Help me Give
In a world of rapid paces, busy schedules, pushbuttons and instants
Lord ; help me to take time to give
Giving myself to seek your face
Finding all your will has for me to perform
And all of what my heart should feel.

Let your love for a  lost world be so etched in me
That I can give to a soul with your compassion
Send your love lord moving in me
To speak to ears that have never heard
To pray for those in perils
And to touch the needs of the forgotten

Let me be a light in a cruel dark world
Shinning through filth that life gives  no pity
Giving to them the beauty of the mercy of god
Shinning through the odor of the unwashed,
To reveal the cleansing of the blood of the Passover lamb.
Looking beyond their cove to discover

Help me in my quest of this journey
To give your life in exchange for their death
Your joy in exchange for their misery
Your strength in exchange for their weakness
And in exchange for their filthy rags
Your salvation that will wash away tier sins
Then shall I know the joy of true giving
With you lord, as the power of it
Giving which creates newness of life
Beauty from the ugly and unsightly
And eternal life from the whited sepulchers of tradition
Because I so loved the world 
The finally I too gave.