I acted bad as a teenager, hanging out with my friends. We were into drinking, smoking dope, breaking into houses, and ripping off freight trains, especially of Canadian Club whiskey and beer! On weekends we also went to nightclubs and strip joints. Most of my friends were older than I was; although I wore a moustache and beard, I was only 16, and had my own car, a Camaro. We worked at Burger King, and boy the antics we pulled On customers that made us mad had caused me NEVER to go through a fast food restaurant I always go inside to order, see what those people do to my food before I get it!

It was Gary that told me about being baptized in the name of Jesus, he said it was in the Bible. I said," Man; I never saw that in the Bible, " but when- he showed it to me, it got me to thinking. He told me about a service in Pearland about the power of God moving.  I knew that God was dealing with me anyway because I had a filthy mouth and I prayed to God that I could go through at least one day without
cussing. Being brought up in church, I knew that only the righteous would enter Heaven. That Sunday morning, I went to Sunday school in the Senior Department and heard the lesson taught on worldly conduct.  After I returned home I told my Mom that I wanted the Holy Ghost, which she had never heard of.  I called Burger King and canceled working that night to return to church. When my two friends heard about it, they had to quit their jobs there to take time off.  Bro. Roch baptized name the name of Jesus Christ, and I came up out of the water speaking in tongues! I felt like I was walking on air; I was finally clean and happy.

When I re turned home, I woke my Mom up, telling her that I got the Holy Ghost. My Mom answered, "You better Holy Ghost on out of here" When school started, we decided to take Forest Brook for the Lord! At school, my friends and: I arrived with our Bibles, slammed them on the table and started witnessing, passing out tracts, preaching on "the brook". Sometimes we cut class to preach and witness, running from the principal. We put posters on the walls, under stairwells, saying, "Jesus is COMING! REPENT! Acts 2:38,
Then Peter said unto them repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." The administration wanted to stop us from bringing our Bibles to school, but Bro. Roch and Pastor Dees argued our cause. Eventually we toned down our witnessing, but our grades did suffer. My mother was getting pretty concerned.
We'd gather at Mike's house talking about the Lord, memorizing scriptures, and staying up until midnight. My Mother started confronting me about my late hours, and struck me. I never retaliated, but I did ball up my fists. My mother looked at me strangely, and stopped what she was doing: (She would later tell that. she saw a glow on my face and didn't know what to think) Eventually, she did kick me out because of my disrespect, and that's when I learned about Authority.  I stayed with this guy who had his own apartment, but never had any food in the house. I was tired, hungry, I really wanted to go back home, but I didn't know how to go about it. My grand mother finally told me to go and visit my Mom, which I did. I went home and ate a very nice meal. My mother saw that I was tired and told me to lie down in the back room. I slept that night and later apologized to her.

By my senior year, I talked to Jesus and up my mind to bring up my grades and graduate, the Lord letting me know that "he that wins souls is wise." He led me to a different approach in witnessing- to students, whereas Mike and Gary were more vocal. Students started coming up to me (instead of running away!) and asking questions, which was more satisfying to me. I still had my, "radical" moments, especially when Gary and I decided to miss school. We picked up Cynthia Yell on her lunch hour and broke into A T.! We really wanted to win her to the Lord because she was sincere in wanting the Holy Ghost, and was a popular girl. We prayed
for her, but still didn't receive the Holy Ghost. We then realized that it was 3 o'clock.  We rushed back to school and was confronted \with Ms. Parker the Principal. "No, not you too", they cried to Cynthia.

After I: graduated, I worked at Ridco Steel-I wanted more money, and continued to attend Apostolic. I had seen this
beautiful young lad and fell in love! The Lord blessed me to work in the Junior Sunday School department and participate in Bus Ministry. The Lord, I feel brought us together. Although we attended the same school, she didn't know me. I was a lowly band member and she probably had her pick of the -football boys. But that girl would start my heart to palpitate! Her boyfriend brought her to Apostolic, but they later broke up.  She kept right on coming. We started dating, and witnessing together; I even picked her up on my Bus Ministry route.  On June 5 1982, we were married, two years later we were blessed with twin girls. I assisted in the birth!

About this time 1 felt a call to preach but- kept questioning the call, I prayed to God; "If this is you, then an audible voice would confirm it. " In a youth service, Brother Dan Castleberry approached me and said  'you desire the ministry, just keep doing what you are doing and your gift will make room for
you". From that day, I continued giving Bible studies, fasting, praying, and studying the Word. Finally, I got a Christian Worker's license, then my
Preacher's license in February 1996. At one time, I did become very impatient; trying to pursue my dream of pastoral ministry; but now I realize that an "attitude of rebellion" would not serve a righteous God.
Now with the whole map of Pentecost available, I am seeking God on what area of Texas I could serve Him. I want to live a committed, dedicated life, seeking the kingdom of God first, having a fervent desire and the attitude of a servant.



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